Revolt yr. 7-9, Emerge yr. 10-12

Reverge Youth is for all students in years 7-12. It runs from 7-9pm every Friday night during the school term and is held in the Christ Church Dingley Auditorium.


Our Mission:

Meet Up.
Reverge is a place where youth can meet up, make new friends and develop relationships with God and each other.

Build Up.

Reverge is a place where youth are encouraged and built up to be the best they can be, discovering the awesome potential God has placed in them! Reverge builds up youth to know they are loved by God the Father, made whole by Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to make a difference in the world.

Raise Up.

Reverge aims to raise up the next generation of leaders and disciples of Jesus Christ! Our goal is to see youth share the good news of the Gospel and encourage those around them to discover the incredible difference Jesus can make to their attitude and purpose in life.


The Program:

The Friday night program is a time (7-9pm) to hang out together and have heaps of fun! Alongside the events, games and food, we prioritise spending time reading and discussing the Bible together in small groups, Revolt yr.7-9 and Emerge yr.10-12. This is a time to share our thoughts and opinions on life and support each other through some of the challenges that all students face in the world.