Vicar's Blog

Many people in Australia and possibly Dingley identify as being spiritual but not religious. Fair call. It’s fair to say that people are religious about many things, like going to the footy or heading out on a Friday night. But what about being spiritual?

This June at Christ Church Dingley we’re opening the bible to hear what the living God says about his Spirit impacting us. You are invited to come and hear how the Spirit of God can change your life in ways that release you from the past, anchor you in the present and secure your life with amazing hope for the future. We think this kind of spiritual life is worth exploring and thinking about.

If you identify as spiritual but not religious, we get it. We want to meet you; we want to get to know you. Why not come and hear what God has to say about being spiritual this June?

We know nothing about God except what God has revealed about himself. This he has done through what he has made (Creation – Natural Revelation) and through the nation of Israel as recorded in the Scriptures (Special Revelation), which pre-eminently includes God’s revelation of himself through his Son, Jesus. Hebrews 1:1-4.

Further revelation is brought to us in our experience through the indwelling Holy Spirit. As Jesus said, ‘The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth’. This revelation will always be consistent with the Scriptures and most often will arise from prayerful Bible reading.

It is from the lips of Jesus and through the reading of the Bible that the understanding of God as Trinity has emerged, even though the word ‘Trinity’ does not appear in the Bible.

Jesus said, ‘I and the Father are one’ and ‘if you have seen me you have seen the Father’. He received worship as God from Thomas and the prologue of John’s Gospel clearly identifies Jesus as the Word of God through whom


‘Honour your Father and Mother’ is the fifth commandment and the only one with a specific promise attached – long life in the land God gives you! Respect, empathy and gratitude are part of what this entails. When God was searching for a simile with which to emphasize his love for his people, he compares it to a mother’s love, describing how even if this were to fail - unthinkable as this is - his love will never fail! He has engraved our name on the palms of his hands! (Isaiah 49:15). Jesus also describes his love for God’s people in maternal terms, ‘How often I have longed to gather you under my wings as a mother hen gathers her chicks...’ (Luke 13:34) Our mothers, despite their inevitable personal frailties and faults, are the ones who gave us birth, and invariably have faced many personal sacrifices to provide us with a foundation for life - emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and, more often than not, spiritually! 

How will you honour your Mum this Mothers’ Day? And how