Vicar's Blog

I have a dream – that the commercial frenzy and shallow glamour that suffocates this season will fade into noiselessness - that the light of the humble coming of the Christ-child will fill our hearts with hope and a yearning for truth much stronger than the longing for a bargain. In a time when the world seems to have gone mad, that we will find sanity in silent reflection on a young mother and her infant son, destined to change the course of history, and of the lives of all who yield to his love.

This One-it was said-was destined to become a sign that would be spoken against, and who would reveal the motives of many hearts. This has proved true. What is also true is what he later promised – that all who come to him with a thirst for their lives to be set right, will receive an outpouring of love like flowing rivers within them. It is this that we and the world need. There is no other answer.


This One who reaches out to you is Jesus. Why not say ‘yes’, and receive him today?