Vicar's Blog

A survey was done in America of people aged over 90 asking what they would do differently if they had their time again. The three top responses were these:
I would take more risks. I would give time for reflection. I would invest myself in something that would outlive me.

These are sobering words. They seem paradoxical. We don’t generally see risk taking and reflection as companions. Yet in the person of Jesus these qualities were in perfect harmony. Jesus frequently got away on his own in the early hours of the morning or all night to spend time with his heavenly Father. This was how he gained God’s perspective, received instruction for the day, found his peace and poise amid the conflicts that swirled around him. It was the confidence and power that came from the intimacy of these God encounters that gave him the wisdom and boldness to confront the powers of the day, resulting in his unjust execution. Yet in light of the cross and the resurrection, a path Jesus willingly trod out of love for you and me, human history has been irrevocably changed.

Your history can also be changed-the trajectory of your life made to count for eternity. You can find forgiveness, a new and true identity, an inner strength, peace and purpose through faith in Jesus. Reflect on Jesus’ life and words, take a risk and let your life take a direction that will leave this world and you in a better place.