Vicar's Blog

Prayer is the language of heaven – the communication line with between ordinary people and an amazing God. Let’s explore it – this source of companionship and of power to change things, both ourselves and the world God has given us! During Lent our aim is that everyone will experience the blessing of someone praying for them, and that we also will know the joy of praying for someone else.

To this end numerous opportunities will be provided – during our Sunday services throughout Lent as well as a special evening time in which we all come together  - Wednesday March 4th, 7.30-9.15pm.

We also want to learn from one another and be inspired by hearing stories from each other about our experience of prayer. We are inviting ‘100 stories of prayer’ to be collected from this congregation of what has been meaningful or impacting on you in relation to your practice of prayer.

This may be a simple answer to prayer, a learning you have made, or a practice that you have found helpful. It may be turning point in your understanding or experience of prayer or sharing your struggle or questions. Keep it under 100 words and either send it to Naomi by email or over the counter or in the offering plate! You might hand it to a staff member or deposit it in a box provided. Who knows – we might create a book of the ‘Prayer Discoveries of the Christ Church Dingley Family’.


Nothing builds prayer like praying!