Vicar's Blog

Starting afresh is a scary prospect. Whether you are overcoming an age old habit, or starting a new relationship, or commencing a new job or course of study, our past experience can mock us and shackle us with discouragement. We can become disillusioned and cynical about ourselves and our ability to change. This mindset in itself can be enough to defeat us. God’s book, the Bible, offers the following advice – ‘…be transformed by the renewing of your minds…’ (Romans 12:1).  

The first step in creating a new path for ourselves is to confront our mindset with a different reality. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead offers us such a paradigm. Doing life in company with Christ opens up to us this same power and possibility, not only for the next life, but this one also. It says, ‘If anyone is in Christ, the old has passed away, behold, the new has come.’ May I recommend prayer to this same Christ Jesus, inviting him in person and power to enter our lives and our minds to enable a newness that we may have lost hope for.

Continue to do so and seek out others who can support you to this end and experience what millions down the ages, right up to today, are finding - that God is the One who changes the lives of those who seek Him – for good! Don’t be beaten, but beat a new path to God’s door.