Vicar's Blog

‘Honour your Father and Mother’ is the fifth commandment and the only one with a specific promise attached – long life in the land God gives you! Respect, empathy and gratitude are part of what this entails. When God was searching for a simile with which to emphasize his love for his people, he compares it to a mother’s love, describing how even if this were to fail - unthinkable as this is - his love will never fail! He has engraved our name on the palms of his hands! (Isaiah 49:15). Jesus also describes his love for God’s people in maternal terms, ‘How often I have longed to gather you under my wings as a mother hen gathers her chicks...’ (Luke 13:34) Our mothers, despite their inevitable personal frailties and faults, are the ones who gave us birth, and invariably have faced many personal sacrifices to provide us with a foundation for life - emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and, more often than not, spiritually! 

How will you honour your Mum this Mothers’ Day? And how will you honour your Creator whose love it is that is mirrored in that of your mother, however imperfectly, and who longs for your love in return?