Vicar's Blog

Football finals seem long gone – but a mercurial feat of the Dingley Football-Netball Club seems to have slipped under the radar. The achievement of 5 premiership flags in the one season is testimony to huge determination, planning and skill. Well done to all at the club who contributed to this result! We residents of Dingley will bask in your reflected glory….

Sports clubs such as this one do much more than pursue a moment of glory however. They offer their members community, nurture, direction, mentoring, practical support, comfort and hope amid many of life’s ups and downs. The discipline and team spirit forged within a club are character building blocks for life.


In certain important ways this type of community reflects what Jesus came to bring into being. His purpose was to forge a community of people whose love for God would be reflected in the care they took of each other, and who in combining their various God given abilities would strengthen that community to achieve its purpose. When a person chooses in an act of true humility to invite Jesus into the driver seat of their lives, they enter a whole new dimension of reality. The power of love and purity that takes hold of them enables them in turn to be agents of healing and builders of community wherever they go. Will you step into this adventure? It leads to the Grandest Final of all.       God bless, Wayne