Welcome to Christ Church Dingley


STEPHEN AND DEANNE COOKE with daughters Rachel and Danielle

Steve and Deanne minister among refugees and asylum seekers from Central Asia in Melbourne. Their goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. They have made many friends and contacts among these people since beginning in 2002.


Their practical ministry includes:

1. Teaching English. Deanne teaches up to 4 classes a week. Steve coordinates and teaches an English class once a week. Steve also coordinates a Friendship Matching Program where students are matched one on one with Aussies from local churches. This is so that the ethnic students can practice their conversational English and make Aussie friends!         

2. They help ethnic people with a wide range of needs such as helping them with their job applications, filling in forms etc.


Their spiritual ministry:

1. A high priority is placed on prayer for the needs of these people and they’ve seen many wonderful answers to prayer including people coming to faith and healings.  2. They constantly seek to bring groups of ethnic people together to study the scriptures, pray and be the body of Christ together.   3. They seek to encourage and be a resource for churches who are also seeking to reach out to Central Asian people.


Prayer Points:

1.That God will expand and deepen our prayer ministry for ethnic people and that many others will join us in praying for them.

2. For God to lead us to people of peace who can have a multiplying ministry in reaching out to others from their own ethnic background.

3. For our whole family to deepen and grow in our love for God and others.

4. For wisdom and enablement in facilitating bible studies and fellowship.

5. God’s enabling and wisdom in teaching English and other practical ministries.